Hi-Beam Contractors, a trusted name in the industry since 2002.

Hi Beam Contractors is a team of talented individuals with different trades and skills. The Company came into establishment in 2002. As a professional Architect, Azhar Mahmood has over 30 years of rich experience within the construction industry. Lakhraj Singh Guraya has the expertise from a Construction background that boasts years of experience building prestigious projects. Man Singh Shergill has a vast knowledge of the construction industry which comes from a long career in the construction trade and a deep understanding of each step of the process.

Since its conception, the business has strong reputation for successfully handling all phases of commercial and residential projects. Hi Beam Contractors takes pride in our unique ability of moving forward, by keeping up with the market trends and remaining flexible to change with the times. Customer relationship is also a key to the Company’s success. We think of each customer relationship as an investment rather than a client.

Vision: To reach the highest standards in project execution and delivery, by meeting the requirements of the clients and assuring their satisfaction.

Quality Policy: It is Hi Beam’s aim to reach customer satisfactions by providing quality and efficient service in the contracting sector.